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Fun cooking ideas

03/21/2021 Vegetable Stew

I started with olive oil and some Sumac, red curry, dried minced Garlic and ras el hanout.

I cut a blend of wild Mushrooms, green beans, cauliflower and potatoes. I crushed some fresh cilantro

I finished with a few Lemon slices.

Low heat 35 minutes 

03/10/2021 Palm Beach green market on Clematis

One of our long time customer and friend Jane offered Olivia a beautiful Pompano fish from Independent Seafood for her birthday.

This is a delightful fish with high fatty content.

I started with some Olive Oil in a pan and warmed it up with Some Ras el Hanout, Traditional and Red Curry, Aglio, Olio and Peperoncini, Sumac and some Sea Salt.

I then added some fresh cilantro

I seared the fish 5 minutes on each side and lowered the heat.

I let it cook for 20 minutes on very low temperature.

Served with rice mixed with Rice Harissa Blend.

It was so delicious!!!

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